Not always what it seems...

Have you ever been caught red handed doing something?

But hey! Were you really doing what people thought you were doing?

What people might perceive...

If they were to see this...

#1 That's me..trying to steal a car?! Or was i?

Lets have a closer look.. hee hee

#2 Wah! Definitely! Fast fast report police!

But hold on a second..

#3 That's clement! What's he holding?!

The real story...

It was one of the Saturdays when I had to fetch my member Hui Fen for guitar class in CHEC and then I saw Clement.


T: Eh, what you doing, bro? Something wrong?
C: Ya lar..I left my car keys in my car.
T: Oh no..don't have spare? so what are you doing now? (looking at Clement using a ruler, fitting it between the window and car door.
C: Just try try la..who knows can open..
T: Let me try and help..give me the ruler..

few seconds later...

T: eh, cannot lar..

Both Clement and I went into Attributes...

T: Got paper clip arh? Maybe can reach for the hook in your keyhole then can open leh?
C: You know how to open using a paper clip?
T: I read it from before...
C: swt... -_-;;

3 minutes later...

T: Eh..paperclip broke.
C: Hold on..let me try to call my car mechanic guy..

5 minutes later...

C: Oh..he said we need a hard rod of some sort.
T: *searched around Attributes and CHEC......found a chopstick!*

I gave it a try first and we actually saw the lock knob moving..we both got excited and Clement shouted.. "Pusssssssshhh..PUSHHH!!"

T: think I am giving birth ah?
C: Let me try let me try..
T: turn to say ..PUSHHHHH!!

After 5 minutes..


#4 Our weapon of choice..a random chopstick found in CHEC!

Lesson to be learnt..

1) Never be too quick to judge. Things are not always what it seems. Hee hee.
2) Always make yourself available to help others whenever possible...
3) Don't worry, do something!
4) Never underestimate the ability of a random chopstick from CHEC. :D

That's all, folks!

Happy reading! =)


Timo @ 2:14 PM