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Yes, Tim's updating his blog.

* thunderstorm..lightning..cats purring at each other...ok, that was random. So is me updating my blog. HA HA! *

New sem is here, first week is gone, which means 12 more weeks before exams! 10 more weeks for thesis! WAH! FINAL SEM! WOO HOO!

Ok, ok..back to the post.

I am sure you guys are probably wondering (or not) what made Timo have the sudden urge to blog...what could be so inspiring?!

Boys and girls, here goes.

4 years of engineering. 8 (this sem included) torturing semesters packed with equations, figures, theories, meeting deadlines, meeting extended deadlines, meeting extended extended deadlines, enduring the stress of refreshing the result's page every end of a sem, staying in the wee hours in MCDs to study...and now, they finally tell this to us!

Alright, alright. I will start this time...really!

I am taking this subject called Professional Practice. It is supposed to prepare us for the working world we will all soon embark - woo hoo, lets join the workforce and make money!

But it is one of the lectures which you would ask yourself, Engineer....WHY?! (hence the title of this post)

#1 This is one of the lecture slides which states who is an engineer(if it's too small for you to see).
We engineers ARE NOT scientist. We are not that privileged.

Seriously, when this happens...

#2 They don't call it an Engineering Breakthrough but rather it's a Scientific Breakthrough. It just has a nicer ring to it. Yes, it isn't fair. I know. T_T. Scientist 1 - Engineer 0.

And when one sees this..

#3 They wouldn't go, "Hey! That's a real neat engineering structure!" They'd probably say, "Wow! Awesome architectural work!" Architect 1 - Engineer 0.

But when something like that happens...

#4 Architectural Disaster? Scientific Disaster? NO! It's Engineering Disaster! What?! When got trouble only blame the engineers, la?

During the lecture, we were also told that the profession of an engineer isn't as lucrative and as glamorous as other professional jobs like doctors and lawyers.

I mean seriously. Do you see an engineer becoming a hero in your latest TV series?

Doctors. You have Grey's Anatomy, House
Lawyers. The Practice, Boston Legal

Where got engineer as heroes wan? Tell me, where got, where got!?

Okay-lar, I am sure you are thinking... PRISON BREAK!

Yes, yes. Michael Scofield is a structural engineer. And a really good one. He, after all helped to design the Fox River prison. Hmm, escaping from a prison which you designed. No big deal, right? But wait! He also managed to escape Sona Federal Prison in season 3! Hip hip hooray for engineers! Hmm, so the best achievement an engineer in TV is to escape from prisons? Come to think of it, Michael Scofield ain't that brilliant after all. Plan A never really worked for him. He always had to resort to Plan B,C and sometimes D. Many improvisations were done, if you hadn't notice.

Nonetheless, it is a great show, one I would definitely watch from start till the end. I mean, an engineer, a convict, helping his brother escape from prison, always on the run, wanted by the authorities. Who can ask for more?

Engineers. You sure you want to be one?

Apart from that, all new engineers in Malaysia have to apply(before employment or before you start working) to be registered in Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). How cool is that! People would then know you as a certified engineer! If you want to go even further, you can apply to be a Professional Engineer (PE) and with that you will get an extra title in front of your name.

Picture this written on your business card.
Ir. Timothy Chan Ken Ee.

Doctors can get Dr., so we get Ir. la. Must not lose out!

So what are the benefits you'd get becoming a PE? You will get to approve drafts, drawings and plans! Yeap! You will be in control whether or not a work can proceed any further! You will get to put your signature on a proposal! Wait a minute...that also means you will be the person everyone would hunt down should there be any problems! Nope, they won't go to the architects, they won't go to the governments! Because you, the engineer, approved the project!

Engineers. You sure you want to be one? Hee hee.

On the lighter note, (none of the contents above, should be taken too seriously, btw) a fresh engineer's pay is on a rise. Towards the end of the lecture, we were shown the average pay for established engineers and we were relatively pleased with the amount. Ah, so it's all about the moo-lah in the end?

Engineers. Are you really REALLY sure you want to be one? Hee hee.

Ok-la. To be really honest.. it is really not too bad. Engineers. Job security is there. It is good enough a reason to be one, right? :)

What say you?

Timo @ 10:37 AM