I meant to blog, but...

Heyo ppl! Tim's back to blog! (er..well, not exactly) It's funny how things just turn up whenever I have the mood or time to blog. Will be heading out to have dinner soon with family and friends of my family. Anyhoot, will be leaving you guys with a short post. Most of you probably know who is Daniel Lee. The winner of Malaysian Idol season 2. Like him, love him, hate him. He is the winner. Period. So yep, this post is not going to be about him, rather it is going to be about people(friends, people, others) comparing me with him!

Before Daniel, it was Lam Kim Fai ( or is it Lam Ka Fai ), one of the astro talent quest winners. It came to an extend that people were sending me messages via Friendster to ask me if I was

Okay, back to Daniel. So who thinks I look like him? Well, for starters my mom. Then my cell group members and heck, the canteen uncle (in the company I am currently working in now), calls me Daniel!(Although I have specifically told him that my name is Timothy!) And when I went visitations during Chinese New Year, my uncles and aunties(cousins joined in) started calling me Daniel! So, not wanting to disappoint them, I played along and asked if anyone wanted my autograph. Wee hee hee! :p

So here I am, proving my point that I do not look like Daniel. And vice versa, of course. For the benefit of those who said I look like him, I dugged out pictures I took with my trusty Nokia 7610(misplaced it in the TGV Sunway..so if you are the person who is having it now, and you so happen to read this blog..just to let you know..I want my phone back!). and start to find pictures which I had the slightest similarity with Daniel. So here goes.

*This is me! Just incase you guys didn't know :P*

* And this is Daniel Lee. *

Hmm. You guys be the judge. Bah. Tim's signing off.

Timo @ 7:30 PM