CHC Karaoke 2005!

Wow wow wow! What an awesome night! A night where talents were discovered. Forget about Malaysian Idol. This is CHC Karaoke Competition 2005! The competition among the contestants were so tight and I am sure the group of people who enjoyed the night the least were the judges! Out-of-this-world performances, ear-deafening cheers, an overwhelming atmosphere. It was a night for everyone to just sit back, relax and enjoy as the nerve-wrecked participants entertain us! Hmph, then again most of them were really cool about it though this is the very first time City Harvest Church Malaysia is having such an event. So again, a very well done to all singers!

Hold on guys! The event is not over yet! All ten finalist put up a great finale by singing "Angels Brought Me Here" by Guy Sebestian.

There was also a special performance by Will Tan. A promising song-writer cum artiste in Malaysia who has written songs for many international singers from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Will has just released his very own album and is doing very well! And guess what! He's a City Harvest member!

Ah, yes. A group picture with the winner! West Zone is proud of you, Andrew!

- See you all in CHC Karaoke 2006! -

Timo @ 11:40 PM

Euro Fun Fair!

I went to fun fair! I went to fun fair! *hahah* Yeps, that was how excited I felt through out the whole time I was there. Heard about this fun fair before my finals but have got not idea where it is till I drove past the 1U new wing's parking area. With the knowledge that it has been operating for the past few weeks I knew that the fun fair wasn't going to be there for much longer. I was so determined(ahah..maybe even more determined than the time when I was studying for exams) to go. Had to face much obstacles that day. The rain, people cancelling out last minute; just to name a few(haha..actually that was pretty much it =P). Nevertheless, I went to EURO FUN FAIR !

Arrived there with Aaron at around 9:30p.m. Walked around for almost an hour because Diksha, CheKang and Valentina were still on the way from Midvalley. Aaron and I started to scout for rides that we would be interested in(we couldn't take all the rides as they are relatively expensive). As we were walking, we were also coming out with an approximate amount of money that we need to spend. Every ride had a different price and we came into conclusion that the higher the level of intensity of the ride, the more expensive it is. I guess it was pretty wise for us to come out with a budget. So the magical figure that we came up with was RM 30. Hmph, that's the thing about budgets. We can never stick to them!

After all that, we still managed to capture a few shots before we left.

So yeah, after that has ended, Aaron and I counted the amount of money we REALLY spent on that night. Here goes:

Entrance Fees . . . . . . . RM 3

Payment for rides . . . . . . . . RM 32

Reliving childhood days . . . . . . . . . P R I C E L E S S.

Timo @ 6:00 PM


As promised, I will be posting up the "Gotcha Call" that was played on my coursemate, Mr. Devan. We(Diksha, Aaron and I) laughed our arses off when the prank was aired. The normally cool-headed friend of mine(Devan) turned into this puppy who just lost its mama, begging for a way out of the mess that he was supposedly in. Much credit to Diksha(from now on, you are known as ShaSha! =P) who was ever so semangat, typed out the conversation word for word! Guys, it cannot be more accurate than what you are about to read. Alright here goes.

JJ had a crack on this one.

*beep beep*
devan: Hello
jj: Hello, can I speak to Devandran please?
jj: My name is Loges. I'm calling from School of *censored* (engineering)
devan: Alright, Okay.
jj: Alright, We've got some problems here.
devan: Uh uh
jj: Did you sit for the exams last two weeks ago?
devan: Of course I did
jj: Okay, there's a problem because apparently we have you checked down as.. attendance, that you have attended it, alright? but we don't have your exam paper?
devan: This cannot be.
jj: Wait let me double check. your id number is *censored*
devan: No
jj: Are you sure?
devan: I'm very very sure
jj: uhm, I don't care if you are sure or not, I'm afraid I have to tell you this, that you have to come back and sit down for the paper again please? Could you do it like tomorrow? Are you free?
devan: What? Come back and sit for the paper?
jj: Ya because we need to pass it up or else we can't mark the rest
devan: No no...can you check.. can you check with the other.. with the other..
jj: With the other what? Who is your facilitator on that?
devan: which.. which paper?
jj: who..
devan: *censored*
jj: You sure arr?
devan: You mean the subject chief..I mean.. the lecturer?
jj: These people are all professionals.. I doubt they made the mistake. I think you made the mistake.
devan: Could you please double check the paper cause there is no way I could have written the code wrongly.
devan: What did i do?
jj: I think you filled up wrong
devan: Filled up wrong means? As in?
jj: The codes..and now your paper's gone somewhere else and you're causing people trouble. devan: Okay ar wait...
jj: Do you pay attention? Are you one of those who sleep in class?
devan: Definitely not (hahaha!!! yeah rite Devan, we are like sleeping buddies in class! Erm, didn't come out right)
jj: Then why are you doing this kind of mistakes? These are juvenile mistakes.
devan: Wait a minute.. Wait a minute..(takes a short breather) okay.. huh...let me...okay..let me just think this straight... can you er.. means when they collect the paper.. when they collect all the papers what happened to them?
jj: What? They collect the paper, they pass it to the transfer department. The transfer department sort it out according to codes, okay?
devan: Will i sit for the same paper if I come tomorrow?
jj: Will change a bit la. Tweak the questions here and there. We can't make it too easy for you, and then you pass with flying colors and then.
devan: Okay
jj: It's wrong don't you think so?
devan: Sir please sir, I sat for the paper. I work for the paper so hard(Which is very true. Which makes this prank all the more fun to be played on you. Haha..*evil laughter*). Please tell me there's something, some other way to do this.
jj: Some other way to do this?
devan: okay wait.. when I collect.. collect.. when you... when the papers were collected, I mean my name was on the attendance slip my table number was all definitely correct.
jj: Table number is not important. I was telling you about the codes, correct or not?
devan: I.. I definitely did write the subject code
jj: Did you pay attention when the people gave like "make sure you fill up the form codes properly."
devan: Yes definitely. On the exam script
jj: What did you use to write?
devan: Pardon?
jj: What did you use to write?
devan: I used pen, blue pen. blue... err yeah, blue pen
jj: Do you understand we always ask to use black pen? Did you read that or not?
devan: No no i didn't
jj: That means its your mistake. I could not be bothered to fix this already. Its your fault
devan: Sir sir...
jj: You resit it for next semester la. Its not my fault right? You.. who asked you to make the mistake?
devan: Sir sir please sir. Help me out here
jj: You want me to help you out?
devan: Yeah
jj: What you want me to help you out?
devan: I definitely..
jj:How you want me to help you out you tell me
devan: Okay when they collected the papers they collect the
devan: in front is *censored* behind is *censored*
jj: did you see his papers?
devan: Definitely not
jj: Definitely not. you did not see his papers ar?
devan: Of course. Its impossible. Sir please Sir. I sat for the paper, I worked so hard, please help me sir.
jj: What you want to be in the future?
devan: I want to be an engineer
jj: You want to be an engineer? Why you want to be an engineer? Tell me why
devan: That's my ambition
jj: Just to be your ambition. Not the money is it?
devan: Of course I want to support myself sir.
jj: Yourself? That's all?
devan: And my family
jj: That's all you want to do? Don't lie, come on, be honest with me boy.
(JJ actually asked Devan if he wants to become an engineer because chics dig them. But it wasn't aired)
jj: Okay i got one more question and then i'll settle it for you la okay?
devan: Okay
jj: Alright. err... where are you staying now? Where are you staying now faster tell me!
devan: Ipoh Ipoh
jj: Ipoh, Okay. Do you listen to 92.7?
jj: hehehehe!
devan: Scared the *censored* out of me. Who *censored*asked you to do this? Oh my god Oh my god.. you have my heart in my mouth right now.
jj: This is JJ and Rudy man.
devan: I love you guys!
jj: Hahahaha! Timothy asked us you set you up man.
devan: timothy? Timothy is a great guy.
jj: Hahahaha!
devan: And i'm going to be laughed at this for years to come thanks to you guys
jj: Your paper should be okay. before anything else we just have one thing to say to you man, and that is.. "GOTCHA!"

- The end -

*Looks over to mobile phone* * Ring ring , vibrates , Ring Ring , vibrates *

A number from Ipoh...hmph..I wonder who could that be?

*Picks up call*

Devan:"Timothy you basta*d!"


Alright, for those of you who missed it and are keen to listen how it actually sounded like. Here's the link to the audio file. =)

You will need to right click and select "Save Target As" for this. Please bear in mind that this was recorded using the computer's microphone, so the audio quality might be a bit offff..

Timo @ 11:25 AM

Bday Wish List!

Wow! This is already my second post! And my previous one was like what? An hour ago? Making good progress here! Considering that my birthday is only a month plus away, I thought it would only be appropriate if I post my wish list now! This would give more time for my friends to save up and get presents for me!

Below are the items in my wish list(in no particular order)

(Ipod Video)

(Adidas Superstar Anniversary Edition)

(Sony Ericsson w900)

(Sony Ericsson w800i)
*considering the fact that w900 is not released yet, w800i will do. Hehe!*

(French Connection shirts! Topman ain't bad as well =P)

(Adidas Sweatvest..)
*hehe..always thought I'd look kinda cool in one of these :P *

(Wilson nCode nSix-One)

(Adidas Barricade 3, tennis shoes)

Haha! I better stop now before everybody thinks I am this demand freak. 34 more days, guys(girls too)! Save up as much as you can in order for you to fulfil Tim's wishlist! =P

Timo @ 8:00 AM

My First Time

Yeaps you heard it right! I am going to blog about "My First Time"! My first time in what you may ask? My first time blogging, of course! Heh, a bit lame to start off the first entry =P. So what inspired me to start blogging? I guess it's really to see if there's something worth mentioning or remembering by the end of every day of my life.

Am not going to blog much about what I done today because I felt that I have wasted half the day day-dreaming, tossing and turning on my bed. Not that I really want to but I reckon it is caused by the 12am - 3am futsal session I had the night before! And to add to it, I actually played an hour of futsal in the afternoon! Praise God that exams are OVER! Gone were the days whereby I had to stay till 2am in the university's foyer to study. Gone were the days that I need to worry of how many chapters to cover.

My goal this holiday is to make it as productive as possible! No more waking up in the morning and day-dreaming till noon!(well, today is an exception I guess). Going to be so pro-active this holiday till I won't even have time to slack! I am on the right track so far! Exams ended last Wednesday and on that night itself I went to the PlanetShaker's conference in Sunway Convention. Liked it so much that I found myself attending the Thursday night's session as well! The Praise and Worship sessions were just so awesome! The ability of the worship leaders to flow with the crowd was so admirable. Lightings and sound system are just out of this world! But one thing that is not so awesome is the responds of the crowd during the preaching of the Word. Some were talking to each other, some were typing sms-es. It's really sad that the same excitement that they had during praise and worship could not be transferred to the sermon time.

Alright, enough about the Planetshaker's conference.

Most of you probably heard of the Hitz.FM Gotcha call! Guess what, a few friends and I (Diksha,Aaron and yours truly) planned out a prank for our coursemate, Devan. The game plan was to make HITZ.FM(Rudy and JJ) call up Mr. Devan and pretend to be a Monash staff. Here Mr. Devan is told that his exam papers were missing/not found/had faults. He is to RESIT his papers AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. But he will have an upperhand because the papers that he needs to resit are exactly the same to the ones he had sat for last week! So some of you may think, "Hey! That's good, now I can correct the silly mistakes I have gone during the paper!" Yeps it sounds good and all. But it will totally stink big time for MR. Devan as he is now in IPOH! Haha! You will need to catch the rest of the story tomorrow morning! Will update on that!

Timo @ 7:18 AM