Bart Simpson

The Simpsons. One of favourite cartoon series of all time. Did you all know that "The Simpsons" is the longest-running American television series and overall sitcom, with 17 seasons(yeah you didn't hear me wrong, 17!) and 366 episodes since it debuted on December 17th, 1989. But the thing is, the characters won't grow old! So this short post is to show you how or rather what Bart Simpson will turn up to be if he grew older in age and took over his father's job (Homer Simpson) in the nuclear plant.

* Creative or not!! Haha! Was bored in Pyramid. My two friends and I decided to give sand-art a try. So, what do you guys think? Maybe I should take over Matt Groening's job and create an entire new cast of The Simpsons! So, instead of yellow skin, they'll have blue now due to their exposure to the nuclear plant! (With consideration that Larry Burns becomes the mayor of Springfield of course!) Hee hee! *

Timo @ 11:48 PM

My Latest Toy - IPod 5G

A very proud owner of. . . .

* IPod 5th Generation 30gigs *

Just thought that it's only right for me to share the excitement of opening the box together with you guys..hehe! So, here it is..before its grand opening.

* Just to make a statement..hehe =) *

* From another angle.. *

* Grand Opening..Part 1 *

* Grand Opening..Part 2 *

* Steal music? Who would do such a thing! Hmph! *

* Designed by Apple In California - as stated *

Haven't done much with it yet. So far, only managed to watch One Tree Hill Season 3 Episode 11. Great sound + awesome picture! No lag whatsoever!

Timo @ 11:16 AM