I miss my Nokia 7610 ..

I used to have a Nokia 7610.

Lost it due to my own carelessness. Let it slipped out of my pocket while watching a midnight movie in TGV Sunway Pyramid. If anyone found a Nokia 7610 about a year ago..(haha..who am I kidding) and you're reading this blog, do kindly contact me!

A friend of mine, Aaron just sent me several pictures that he took using his cameraphone. Candid shots and a few funny shots. It all brought back so much memories of my 7610. Suddenly I feel it is a necessity to have a cameraphone. You'll never know what will happen. And when something it is worth saying "Cheese" to, having a cameraphone is just so convenient.

* Dhanen and I. Not too sure what we were talking about *

* In deep thoughts. * * zzzzz :P *

* Dik and I in Jazzfest. My Iced Lemon Tea costed me RM 5.90 ! Kena conned! *

* I never had the chance to use this when I was little! *

* Relativity. Papa and boyboy trolley.*

I officially miss having a phone with integrated camera =(. Am hoping to get a Sony Ericsson k800i by the end of the year.

* SE k800i! You shall be mine by the end of 2006! Fingers crossed! *

Timo @ 10:50 PM

It's finally here. One Tree Hill Season 4. . .

'Nuff said.

Timo @ 8:17 AM

I have been ... La La-Fied..

You know those machines in shopping complexes, whereby you pay around RM 10 - RM 24 to get your picture taken with a group of friends? I've always have this mindset that machines like those are meant for those "Lala"(People with really blonde hair..I mean like REALLY BLONDE...usually chinese..but these days they come in different races..Indians..Malays..Devan..I know you will like this post.) who has NBTD.

I've been termed as a Lala-Chai by my friends just because I came back to uni a few semesters ago with a blondie hair make over. It surprises me somehow that my friends can recall my looks back then more than myself. I mean, 3 semesters later, which is now, they still call me "Lala-Chai." I currently have black hair, not spiked up, I do not wear tight clothes with dragons printed on them. Argh!

So anyhoot, met up with Eugene and Amanda in pyramid just yesterday.

Amanda: Eh, where's your blonde la-la hair?
Tim: Erm? Since when I have la-la hair?
Amanda: Since always..?
Tim: . . . . .

We came across the photo taking machines.(the ones which I talked about earlier) Eugene was asking if I have tried it before.

Eugene: You tried this before? ( While glancing through the many tiny pictures with other people stuck on the machines)
Tim: No..I haven't.
Eugene: Wanna try?
Tim: NO! It is like the most LALA thing anyone can do!
Amanda: Come come!

* Each of us paid RM 8 *

So we went into one of the photo machines.

Eugene and I: * blur..* What does this button do? Eh...CAN CHANGE BACKGROUND COLOUR WAN WEI!"

Amanda: * With much confidence of what is was about to do* * Grabs pen, click click..click* Okay..we're set! Get ready! *

So, there I was..supposedly the most Lala of them all..and I don't even know how to operate it. And Amanda..wah..she was like a pro.

** Snap snap snap **

.: The result :.

* Mark the date. September 1st. Timo took "Lala" pictures. Can you see the 'swt' in the picture? *

* Four in one *

So go and take your lala pictures at Pyramid for ONLY RM 24. Dang, I should have stuck to my conventional way of camwhoring, using a digicam or a cameraphone..So much cheaper..so much less "Lala."

For those of you who may be in the "Lala" category...this post has no direct condemnation towards you. I understand how you feel. I was one too. I know you all did not want to be called that term. It was just one of those days whereby you felt like going blonde and that sight of you with blonde hair has left a permanent image to the minds of those around you. I understand. I know you never meant to be one...I know.. I know.

Timo @ 7:00 PM