Jez..opps...JazzFes at Mount Kiara!

Heard good comments about it from my friends during their visit in the past years. Was considering to go and when my sister (aka Yang Mei Ling aka Mel) said she was going as well, I took it as a sign that I should go! Haha! Boy! It was an awesome night of great music. To be quite frank, I do not know about the jazz scene here in Malaysia. I listen to Michael Buble and Jamie Cullum. Not many people know this side of me but I am quite into it(jazz). My life got "jazz"-ed up when I first listened to Michael Buble. With the company of my uni-buds (Diksha and Aaron), I went to my first ever Jazz Festival. . . and will definitely not be the last!

* Tim, Aaron, Diksha (TAD). That's the free ball that we got from the Digi booth. *

*Had to give a business card to get it though. Considering we are still card is definitely something we don't have...but we were still determined to get the ball. I reached out for the first business card in my wallet..don't know whose..(it's one of those cards salesman give you with the hope that you will call them back!) and TA DAH...the ball became ours! We eventually went back with two..thanks to my sister who willingly gave hers to me! :P Diksha and I had our balls but Aaron went back ball-less...hmm..did not sound right but it happened! :P*

* That's us again. In black and white. Something Diksha's familiar with.. minus the white? Haha! Kidding :P *

* My sister from another mother! Haha *
* Eh, didn't we have one that isn't black and white?*

* Az Samad and I! Super talented..super friendly..! Go get his album "Acoustic Gestures!"

* Shelley Leong and I! Super tall, good-looking, talented and also friendly! Get her album "Storyteller"! *
*Jez just told me that "so ngam" (coincidence) that my blog's title has "storyteller" in it too! *

My first Jez ..ah ..JazzFest visit was awesome! Can't wait for the next one!

Timo @ 5:55 PM