Happy (belated) Birthday Ddykhsa !

Yo yo. Allow me to have a lil' shout out here. D to the I to the K to the S to the H to the A. I am sorry to say that due to the lack of monetary funding, I did not manage to get you a physical gift this year. =( But better still, I am going to dedicate this post to you! Something that's better than a real gift...this one you can access at anytime! (unless blogspot decides to call it quits lah). We've known each other for 3 years and 20 days now...(agak-agak lah, but I give it a plus minus of 10-20 days..hee :D) and during this duration we have been through a lot together. The time we spent together, the things we did and the memories we made, I will never forget. Oh man, how ghey can an introduction be?! Anyhoot,

To the real deal...


* I know, at first, we all shy-shy wan *

*We all started to get along...*

*..when the library is more than a place to study *

* I know at times you may feel tiny or smaller than usual...*

*There may have been times when you considered a face-lift because of your insecurity...*

*You may have done things which you were really proud of..*

* and also to the times when you know you really wanted it...HAHA! *

* Together, we been to places (actually only you) where we never thought we could...*

*..and came up victorious in the end...*

* We love you, Diksha! (Aaron, you better back me up here, sounds too ghey to be saying it alone..hehe!)*

Once again, Happy 23th Birthday Sha Sha!

Those who wants to sign this card(blog post), please leave a comment. Hehe :D


Timo @ 11:36 AM


It has already been a week since I sat for my last paper for this semester. A week and 3 days to be exact. My schedule has been hectic ever since and time really waited for no one as I felt it was just yesterday I sat for my Statistics paper. Over(well, at least for the next 3 months) are the days of overdosed intake of coffee, burning midnight oil till 4 in the morning, MCDs delivery to Monash Sunway foyer, late night "mamaks" after studying, and joking sessions in between question 1(a) and 1(b).

I don't know about you guys, but studying alone has never been my thing since I entered college. At some point, it is really not productive at all but it beats studying alone at home because..erm..there won't be any studying at all! Come on, Astro, internet, bed, bed ,bed, bed, BED! How to study, ryte?!

* The group that studied in Part Time Lecturer's room*

*Standing from Left: Me, Devan, Aaron, Quinn(actually she came to kacau only,habis-ed her paper already), Teoh Jye*

*Sitting from Left: Prabu, Redza*

* Exam's diet. MCDs delivery. Waste time only if drive out and eat! Got delivery, still can study while waiting for our food to come! Man, we are freaks.*

* So jakun, I didn't know MCDs had such cool drinks holder. *

*Devan:Give me the calculator, I'll do your taxes!* Haha! Joke from Russell Peters *

*Prabu's tattoo. Forgotten what it means but I wish I could have one which says S-T-R-E-S-S. Oh yeah, Prabu does the best voice impersonation of Doraemon and Donald Duck!*

New semester begins in another 2 weeks. Yay! Gonna be a little weird..studying group will shrink (got people deferring ma). Oh well, at least the diet will stay the same! Hee :D


Timo @ 8:08 PM