Happy (belated) Birthday Ddykhsa !

Yo yo. Allow me to have a lil' shout out here. D to the I to the K to the S to the H to the A. I am sorry to say that due to the lack of monetary funding, I did not manage to get you a physical gift this year. =( But better still, I am going to dedicate this post to you! Something that's better than a real gift...this one you can access at anytime! (unless blogspot decides to call it quits lah). We've known each other for 3 years and 20 days now...(agak-agak lah, but I give it a plus minus of 10-20 days..hee :D) and during this duration we have been through a lot together. The time we spent together, the things we did and the memories we made, I will never forget. Oh man, how ghey can an introduction be?! Anyhoot,

To the real deal...


* I know, at first, we all shy-shy wan *

*We all started to get along...*

*..when the library is more than a place to study *

* I know at times you may feel tiny or smaller than usual...*

*There may have been times when you considered a face-lift because of your insecurity...*

*You may have done things which you were really proud of..*

* and also to the times when you know you really wanted it...HAHA! *

* Together, we been to places (actually only you) where we never thought we could...*

*..and came up victorious in the end...*

* We love you, Diksha! (Aaron, you better back me up here, sounds too ghey to be saying it alone..hehe!)*

Once again, Happy 23th Birthday Sha Sha!

Those who wants to sign this card(blog post), please leave a comment. Hehe :D


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