Bus Ride!

It was one of those days when we (Dik,Nik and I) were in a spontaneous mood.
The three of us were supposed to go to Pyramid after class but the reason for going I can't quite remember. As we walked out the Monash's sidegate we were still thinking of our means of transportation to Pyramid. My car was parked near Medan and Nik's car was somewhere around Indah Villa. The distance from where we were at that instant to both our cars were rather equal. This relative measurement is made up solely from our very own engineers' instinct of distance estimation.
Dik + Nik + Tim's Conversation


Tim: Eh, nik..You pandu la. Kereta you lagi dekat

Nik: Tak apa la Tim, you pandu...
Dik: Aiyah, both of you don't have to pretend! I know la both of you don't want to waste your petrol! Harga petrol naik 30 cents per litre. I understand I understand.

So, now that the truth is out there (Yeah..kinda reminds me of the X-Files now), it was only appropriate for either Nik or I to offer to drive just to make either of us less kiasu. All the thoughts of offering were soon put aside as we saw a yellow figure approaching us. It was a BUS!
Nik: Eh, jom la naik bus! Dah lama saya tak naik!

Tim+Dik: *Hops inside*

Both Nik and I must have felt on top of the world now as we were saving 30cents per litre by taking this bus! Dik was kind enough pay for us. He(Dik) gave me Rm 3 to pay, expecting 30 cents back assuming that it is 90cents per person.

Not wanting to hold on to the cash too long, I gave it straight to the bus attendant. He pointed at the driver so I thought maybe he was trying to say wait till the bus stops. Then, I looked back at Dik and to my embarassment the person whom I was giving the cash to, is not the bus attendant! Oh my, things must have changed over the years. Dik told me that these days people pay to the driver straight! And there was no bus attendant! I've always have this picture in my mind that a bus attendant would have a pouch(usually red) and also a cap and this dude has both of them!

We found out later that this bus was going to Puchong so the bus driver stopped us in front of Monash Condo. Ten minutes passed and there was no sign of a bus heading to Pyramid. I kept myself entertained with my iPod plugged into my ears as Dik was busy fiddling around with his PSP. It came to a point when I tried to hitchhike. Apparently, no one in Malaysia understands the sign of hitchhiking.

*People out there! This is the hitchhiking sign! Please kindly stop to offer a lift! :P (Hmm, then again if everyone looked like the lady in the picture, most likely there will be ppl stopping *sweat* *

It was back to my iPod and Dik with his PSP. Nik, he was showing off a cap he bought from Australia. At this point of time, I told Dik it would be great if we knew any of the drivers who is driving past the Monash Condo. Lo and behold, five minutes after I uttered that, IAN and Chia Huey stopped right in front of the condo's guardhouse! So ta-dah! Once again, Timo saved the day through his wide circle of friends! Haha..Thanks Ian! Appreciate it! :)

Timo @ 7:18 AM

City Harvest Church!

Just a short post here. Since I am in church now, I will blog about it! Praise God for City Harvest Church Malaysia! To me, this is the most cool and hip church in town! Nothing is second best here. Why? God's house deserve nothing but the best! Gone are the days whereby people give their unwanted belongings to the church. No sir-ree! No second hand stuff for my church man!

We have a projector's screen that can put the screen in Mien Tian and AsiaCafe to shame! Not one but three of them! Watching a live EPL (English Premier League) match here would be an experience not to be missed! Big screen + good sound system = Great football game (tho it's not a Liverpool game! :P) What are the other cool things about this church? We have Wi-Fi internet connection! How cool is that. You can just log in to the net, go through soccer scores, enjoy a good cup of coffee from the church's cafe (and yes we have a cafe too! Nasi Lemak, Indo-Mee, Roti Canai..you name it we got it!) while waiting for prayer meeting or service.

Wahah!..Gotta go for movie now...More about City Harvest to come in the later posts! :)

Timo @ 7:31 PM