Newsflash from ... Adelaide!

Jez told me she was sending me a postcard some time back and it arrived this Tuesday. My dad was the one who got it out from the postbox and handled to me right away. I seldom get snail mails anymore due to the advanced techology of mailing system called the "e-mail." But it is nice to get something that you can literally see, touch and keep it. And yes..I keep all my letters and postcards!

Here's da postcard from Counter Girl a.k.a. Jezamine

* muah ! Thanks for the time and effort! *

The postcard arrived on Tuesday. Guess what I found in the Youth section of The Star newspaper on Wednesday night?!

* This article is about a girl studying in Adelaide. She tells of her experience studying abroad. *

*Adelaide..Who could possibly be the person behind this article. And the only person I REALLY know in Adelaide is Jez! And guess who was the writer! *

* Ta-DAH! It is a secret no more! Jezamine is our official travelling(Adelaide is only the first stop) journalist! *

Two days in a row made me think of counter girl. Makes me miss her even more. Two days. Too much. Haha! Come back soon, Jez! muah!

Alright, back to assignment.


Timo @ 11:02 AM