Give me what I want!

I am sure the most of us have been into Ikea at least once. Apart from the furniture sold there, the swedish meatballs made available in their cafeteria is really something to brag about. It is a must have for me whenever I step foot into Ikea or Ikano. Heck, there were times whereby I was in The Curve and still I made my way to the Ikea's cafeteria for half a dozen of meatballs.

Anyhoot, that has nothing to do with what this post is about. Ikea provides this yellow coloured plastic/paper bag which I thought was kind of nice, practical and the fact that it is reusable is kinda cool. I thought to myself that if I had to come out from Ikea purchasing something (coz very not nice-lar going into a place and coming out empty-handed) it would be this very yellow bag. I can use it for other purposes. Maybe even make a fashion statement out of it! If you suddenly see a few groups of people carrying Ikea bags around Monash, you know who started the trend la! Hehe!

* The Yellow Bag *

I was quite bummed initially because I had to part with the bag. Then I found out that one can actually purchase it!

* Like our yellow bag, buy a blue one?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *

What is this?! If I like the yellow one, why would I want to buy a blue one?! It's like...."Like a MyVi, buy a Kelisa!" or or "Like a Ferrari, buy a Porche!" Where got same?! You want Red Ferrari or Blue Ferrari? Different right?!

So, Ikea....Give me what I want!

Hehe. Okay, maybe a little too dramatic already. Just want to revive my blog a bit :P

Exams are ending soon...more posts to come in the near future! Hee :D


Timo @ 9:44 PM