Officially Missing You..

To my dearest Jezamine.

I'm . . . officially missing you.

I thought I was tough enough. Suddenly airport and Timothy became not so good friends. Shua said that "I guess you won't know how precious something means till you lose it." It's a little different here coz, I KNOW how precious YOU are to me but the fact is I can't do anything to prevent this day from coming.

Thanks for the awesome 2-3 months! It came and went just like that because we were having so much fun! We ate, we joked, we "lum-mi-fied" each other, we prayed together, we shared meals, we jogged, we took photographs. I enjoyed every "U-N-I" session. Those were the best.

Take good care of yourself there, dear. Drink lotsa water, eat healthy food, study hard, do well, miss me, love me!

Ah! I am feeling so nostalgic right now!

* My rockstar =) *

* Keep holding on my dear...I never did and never will let you go *

* So, whenever you have the "you versus the world" feeling... always remember that ...

... I will be beside you all the way.. *

I love you, Jezamine Chan Yee Ai. Only you.

PS: Eh! I waited for your Singapore call, wei! :P Ngek! * Hugs*

Timo @ 11:41 PM

Chinese New Year - 2007! Oink Oink!

A very Happy Chinese New Year to all! The time of the year for family reunions, red packets (angpaus) and not forgetting good food. Like many CNY for growing young adults *eh hem...that's me* The spirit of CNY may seem that it is fading away every year. We're not all that excited when we receive "Angpau" like we used to be, fireworks don't really interest us anymore, and Lion Dances used to be the highlight of every CNY for me. But it wasn't to be this year and neither was it the last. There used to be like 7 Lion Dance sessions at my grandparents' shop when I was little ( we run an undertaking business..hehe!) and now we hardly even get 3-4! So, I guess it's not only me who'z feeling all less-spirited for CNY, even the 'lions' were feeling too old for this! Hehe!

Okay la! Who am I kidding! I enjoyed myself in Malacca! Every CNY is special in its very own way!

My breakfast!

*Chicken Rice Balls ( I ate 8 I think), Yao Char Guai, and chicken!*

and I had these(below) every meal!

*Hehe..sorry, I don't know most of the names of the food :P*

But I know this one! Glorious Siew YOK!


*after!* *How to celebrate the Year of the Pig without Siew Yok?*

*Yee Sang! See everyone so hungry rushing for it. Hehe*

Of course, apart from food, there were moments that are worth keeping. =)

*Ah Ma and Shar Maine =)*

*Awww....Shar Maine and Jouston* *Jouston looks innocent only..actually very naughty wan.*

*Jade and Shar Maine*

*Lantern Jug Dripper! By Shar Maine! Aww*

*Guess who is who! Hee. My cousin Kenneth and I*
*We used to look cute?! What happened..oh yeah..we became handsome! haha! :P*

*Cousin Helena and myself =) *

*Beautiful lightings of the streets of Malacca =) *

*The cousins! Tim, Jade, Jouston and Janice*

*Oh fast they grow up..*

* Chan family =)*

Have a blessed and prosperous year of the pig everyone! Oink Oink!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

For more pictures, please visit my multiply page! =) Thanks!

Timo @ 1:29 AM