Thanksgiving Night 2005.

Thanksgiving Night 2005. Theme for this year - "Glitters."

*The stage. Just before the event kicked off.*

*Keith welcoming everyone!*

*Praise and Worship!*

*Yummi-licious custard pie, fruit-tarts and cakes!*

*Hm. I do not like Alex's grin here. The fruit-tarts are for the guests, Alex! Behave!*

*More yummy cakes. *Drools*

*Tim at work! Wow that's lotsa cups to fill!*

*My beloved cell group members! w11!

*Bursary award recipients! Congrats Huey Ching, El-Hanan and Huey San!*

*Hendra and I! I like this pic!*

*Final pose for one of the dances! Well done Dance ministry!*

That's all I got from the Thanksgiving Night. Was outside preparing food and drinks most of the night. 3:42a.m. now. Not in a real good state to type. But then again, a picture paints a thousand words and I have 11 in this post alone! 11000 words! Woo hoo!

Timo @ 3:43 AM

Cousin Eugene's Wedding!

To all my faithful readers,( if I have any at all! Haha) I have fulfilled your demands to update my blog. I was actually half done with this post(cousin's wedding) but something came up that's why I abandoned it for awhile. Okay, may for a long time. Hee hee!

Going to weddings are usually very fun. Opps. Did I say usually? Haha! Weddings are fun! I mean what is there no to like about it. Delicious food that is never enough for you because you will need to share them with 10 other people at your table(thankfully mine only had 8. Heehee!), everyone dressing to impress, flashes everywhere because everyone is busy taking pictures, getting to know the in-laws(which means you can't check them out now because they are family! LoL.) and of course, the ever famous "Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-Seeeeeeeennnngggg" shouts.
Yep, that was exactly the case in my cousin's (Eugene) wedding! We were supposed to leave in the morning, say, around 8a.m. But we left the house at 3p.m. The queen of the house woke up at 10a.m. Started packing at 12p.m. Showered at 1p.m., dressing up and make-up took around 1 1/2 hours. Queen of the house? Who? My MOM! Haha, a little family tradition that we have, we were never early for weddings and my mom made sure we stuck to it!

* On the way there. Five minutes from where the wedding was held. Can't quite remember the name of the restaurant. Golden Dragon Happiness? Something like that? Chinese restaurants come up with the most peculiar names. One of my aunties said this picture looked rather foreign, as if we were in another country. Ah, I guess the Malaysia flag in front of the Jazz pretty much gave it away.*

*The bride, the groom and a friend.*

* Cousins. Jade, Jouston and Janice. Becoming a camwhore is a "Chan" family nature. We felt rather out of place because we like the youngest group there. If you want to count the average age for each table..from the lowest to the highers..yeps..we would be right up there!*

*Jouston. Again. Posing just comes naturally for this 6 year old cousin of mine.*

* The in-laws! Sorry for the blur pic. Dad took this! Hehe!*

* Mum, dad and I! =) *

*Eugene! Haha. The bride was actually just beside him. You can actually see her hand grabbing his arm.*

*First dish! 4 seasons!*

*10 minutes later. No season! Haha. Yeah, the food was that good!*

*Cousins whispering to one another. *

*Ah! What is a wedding without Shark's Fin Soup.*

*I wonder if that cake was enough for everyone. I didn't have any so I guess it wasn't. Hehe!*

*My favourite! Roasted pork! Hoi! You people don't so fast! I think I ended up eating half of the portion that was served. =P Told you my group did not have big eaters.*

*Jade and Jouston.*

*Poser of the night goes to...*drum rolls...* JOUSTON!*

*After all the yummy/delicious food, one would think that the dessert should be something spectular as well. Hehe, Circus ice-cream! It wasn't bad-lar. Hee! *

Would like to take this opportunity to wish all the best to my cousin Eugene and his marriage life. This is scary in a way. I am next! Sorry aunties and uncles, (they always point to you that you are the next to get married) I am afraid you all have to wait just a bit longerr. Few decades perhaps. LoL.

Till then, have a blessed marriage life Eugene!

Timo @ 5:15 PM