Tim's sick...

Yes yes. I should be in bed now, tucked in and covered in my comforter. But hey, I am feeling much better now! *cough* ..well not completely healed but still able to drag my body out of the bed (I've spent like half of the day on it already...and I think I smell like my bed too! But then again..my bed doesn't smell! hmm).

Haven't been sick for ages and can't quite remember when was the last time I fell sick. You know how some people don't easily fall sick but when they do...they'd get REALLY REALLY sick? I am one of them! Sad? Not really..I can enjoy most of my life not being sick!

People say sick people have very little appetite. To those who knows me..you guys know I eat a lot. So, no sickness in the world can stop me from enjoying food!

My dad came back at around 5pm today and being a good father that he is, he asked how I was feeling, if I needed to see the doctor. I was feeling better ( I mean, I am feeling better ) so I said there was no need to pay a visit to the doctor. Then he asked if I ate lunch, I said no as I was sleeping practically the whole afternoon. Knowing the fact that I did not eat my lunch, my dad asked if I wanted him to "ta-pau" (take-away) anything. I was feeling really hungry at first till he uttered "Carbonara" and I immediately nodded and said "Yes. Thanks!"



It looks yummy-licious, no? Haha. Carbonara is one of my favourite food. So yeps, incase you gotten me mad for whatever reason...food is always a way to win back my heart and if you get carbonara, it would be a plus! Haha!

Oh well, if you thought that was all my dad got for me, you're wrong! He bought back pizza bread too!

Pizza bread! (My dad ate missing pieces!)

About 30 minutes later. . . . . . .

Haha! It's all gone? Gone where?! To my stomach of course! =P Told you, sick or not...I can still eat! =P

Timo @ 10:00 PM

Good News!

Just want to share a few good news to all my loyal (if any) readers! =P

1) Timo finally eats prawns!
2) Timo finally eats crabs! (yes yes..I know some of you will say I have missed out the best food on earth for the last 10 or so years)
3) Timo got to preach to LaSalle CF Committee (something really out of my comfort zone! Was great!)
4) Timo is on a one week Easter break (time to catch up with the syllabus!)
5) Timo had a blast being involved in the MIME performance (hope to post pics of it soon!)
6) Timo's two cell members are officially engaged! Congrats to Ooi and YF!
7) Timo is accidentally in love (haha! you know who you are)
8) Timo is happy.... =)

Timo @ 9:34 AM

What has been going on?!

I know it has been quite some time. Reasons for Timo not to blog as frequent as he did when he first started off:

1) 2nd Year, 2nd Sem Engineering is tough!
2) Been extremely busy! Preparations for easter ..MIME practices..(But it was all worth it ! The Mime performance was great!
3) 2nd year, 2nd sem engineering...
4) 2nd year, 2nd sem engineering.......
5) 2nd year, 2nd sem engineering............
6) 2nd year, 2nd sem enginerringg..................ARH !! My head can like explode any time!

The fact is there are many other reasons but it's because of the amount of time I spent just to stay in the same pace as my engineering lectures (which I am not..don't think anyone in my class is!!), makes other factors to why I am not updating my blog, seem pretty unworthy to be mentioned.

It's the workload I tell you. It is never ending! Like a river with never-ending flow of water. I am in a transition batch...Monash is changing its engineering course from a 6 subject course to one that only has 4. So, being in the transition batch, I am neither in the new or old syllabus. Stuck in between. And what brilliant idea did Monash come up with? 1st sem of every year, old syllabus. 2nd sem of every year, new syllabus! And this semester they are offering us a unit which has NOTHING to do with our course just so that we can have enough credit hours to fulfil. And of all units to offer...they offered us ......*JENG JENG JENG * PROGRAMMING .

Any programming Sifu's out there..my number is 01X-XXX-XXX! Am in a big need of help !
But seriously, haha, if you are willing to lend a hand..my email is in my profile.. =P

Timo @ 9:17 AM