6 Weird Thing You Need To Know About Tim

Yo yo all! I got tagged by Kenneth Fung a few weeks back. To be honest I just found out that I got tagged a few days ago. Hehe! Sorry Kenneth! This is actually my second time attempting to blog about this. I read Eng Kim's, Jin's and Albert's posts before I posted mine and I thought to myself "Hey...I don't do all that...I guess I am not all that weird!

I was wrong and below are the reasons why:

1. Recognising people.

I recognise people not by their looks nor by their names but rather it's the outfit they wear when I first meet them. There were moments such as "Hey!!! *think of name think of name! You are the who who's friend and you wore pink the other day right?!* But I am not always like that, of course. Usually happens when it deals with chinese names. But I am improving. Hehe!

2. Attention Span.

Again, this does not happen very often. (or at least I don't think so, hehe). I have really short attention span. Maybe that is why I cannot sit down like 3 hours in a row doing the same thing (example: revising or studying). So when studying, I usually have another book with has no relevance with the subject I am revising. It will take my mind off the subject for a little while. Then when I am bored of the other thing I am reading, I will start studying again! Hehe! There was one time I brought the Ikea catalogue. I glanced through it whenever the facts of Mechanics of Solid got too saturated in my brains. And and sometimes, when I shower, I will forget if I have washed my hair with shampoo. Haha! Sometimes I wonder why my shampoo finishes so fast. Hmph.

3. Randomness
I can be really really random! One moment I can discuss with you about current affairs and the next thing you know I will tell you that I have lost 3kgs! (which I did, btw! haha!) So sorry to those who have experienced it first hand. If you haven't, it is because you have not engage yourself in a long conversation with me. Hehe! Be afraid, be very afraid. My randomness might be too much for you to handle.

4. Sleeping Habit
I sleep with BOTH my air-conditioner and my fan turned on. I usually set the air-conditioner's temperate to either 18 or 20 Celcius and fan speed of 2 or 3. Hehe! And I will tuck myself into bed with my comforter and hugging my bolster is an ultimate MUST have! I like the idea of a cool room and feeling warm at the same time! :) hehe!

5. Lamerism(HAHA...no such word! Comes from the root word lame)
Okay. Another thing to take note is, I am lame. Nothing to do with my legs though but it's more towards the comments I make. But of course, I am not like that to everyone la. Only to those whom I think can take it then I will let them see the lame side of Timothy. I guess that's why Jez and I make such a good couple because we're both so so lame! I am not sure if it is something we should be proud of but..hehe..hmph. We come up with words like "menge-lum-mi-fy"(cantonese) the mee which means to make the mee softer and also "fe-lan-ja" or "Fatt Lan Cha" in cantonese which means feeling annoyed / irritated. If you don't understand, it simply means you are not lame enough. Hehe. I am lame, but you all got no choice but to love me because Jesus loves the lame and you all should too! Haha! ( got that line from Jez! )

6. Secret Desire
Are you all ready for this? Okay. I have this secret desire. And it is to grow 6 inches taller!!! HAHA! I remember back in secondary school, I would always tell my friends that I would be taller by the end of the year. I think my friend's growth rate was much faster than mine so I was always the shorter one. Hmph. So that means I grew right? Just that other people grew faster =P. When I was 18, my father comforted me by saying my uncle only shot up when he was 20. So when I was 20, my friends around told me that guys can grow till 21. I am turning 22 now...hmmm..then my very encouraging cell member, Ooi told me that got people can still grow till the age of 25!! So I got 3 years to go! I am not complaining too much la actually..hehe..I know I am at this height for a reason..hehe. But to be a little taller won't hurt right? :D

Okay, there you have it. 6 weird things about me.

I tag Jez *winks*, Gerald Ong, Abel, Shirley, Erin

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Happy Birthday (belated) Felicia!

Yo yo. Haven't been updating for a lil' while. Hehe, been busy with uni.

Here's a short one!

Last Friday was Felicia Choong's birthday and here's a picture of her with one of her birthday gifts.

*Portrait drawn by DelvC*

Once again, happy birthday Felicia! You have reached the legal age! You can officially vote now..hehehe!

* hmm. killing two birds with one stone with this post. Get to wish happy birthday to a friend and also help another friend promote his artwork. tsk tsk . not bad. oy delvin, must give me some incentive if you get requests from another people to draw their portraits. hehe!*

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